The Driveway Guys of Long Island should be your first call for homeowners who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg or a small fortune on a new driveway.  The Driveway Guys of Long Island can patch and repair any size hole or crack with Poly Based Products That Last!! Driveway Guys of Long Island is the Best Business for driveway restoration, guaranteed! Only the Best For the Best!

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Driveway sealing offers Long Island driveways 360-Degree protection from harsh and unpredictable climate of the region. The seal helps ensure Long Island driveways endure severe winters, hot summer months and frequent tropical storms.


In Long Island, the asphalt parking lots and driveways on your property are likely to be damaged quickly under these weather conditions unless you take steps to protect the surface. The Driveway Guys of Long Island offer comprehensive asphalt parking lot and driveway protection using a sealcoat.

As a Long Island resident, you need to take steps to protect all exposed concrete surfaces. The extreme weather conditions that prevail in Long Island – harsh winters that cover concrete driveways under many inches of snow and very hot summers wear out asphalt driveways.


Pavers in a commercial or residential property can really enhance the curb appeal of the drivewayThe harsh Long Island climate can cause extensive damage to these beautiful pavers. The Driveway Guys of Long Island protect pavers using appropriate sealcoats to ensure climate doesn’t damage your driveway.