Paver Sealing in Long Island

Many homes and commercial properties on Long Island have pavers in their exterior spaces such as drivewayspatios, and parking lots. These concrete, brick, stone, or tile pieces enhance the appearance of the exterior space.


However, the harsh Long Island climate that includes heavy snowfall in the winter, hot summers, and tropical storms and rain can cause extensive damage to the beautiful pavers. We can help protect the pavers by using appropriate sealcoats to ensure that water, snow, and sun do not damage them. The sealcoat will ensure that the pavers look marvelous and sparkle for many years.

Comprehensive Protection Services

Our Long Island pavers protection services are comprehensive and cover the entire gamut of steps needed to provide long-term and complete protection. We begin by first examining the pavers for all signs of oil and grease stains. Our experience has shown us that applying a sealcoat on oil and grease stained pavers will lead to poor adhesion and the peeling or flaking of the sealcoat. Instead we will clean the pavers and remove all traces of oil and grease before we proceed to the next step.

We will also seal cracks and holes in the pavers using sealing products that are appropriate. This will ensure that the pavers are smooth and level before we apply the sealcoat.

Both the preparatory steps we take ensure that the sealcoat stays on the pavers for an extensive period of time. The drivewayparking lot, or patio will look sparkling clean and well maintained season after season after we have completed our work on them.

Expert Services

The Driveway Guys of Long Island, pride ourselves on our complete knowledge of the types of surfaces and materials that are used on Long Island drivewayspatios, and parking lots. We combine this knowledge with our extensive expertise on the variety of sealcoats available and their specific uses. This means that when you hire Driveway Guys of Long Island to seal your pavers, we will take into account the use and needs of the location before recommending a specific sealcoat that is appropriate.

By working to prepare the pavers before we seal them and also recommending the most appropriate sealcoat depending on the material of the pavers and the use to which the pavers have been put we ensure that the sealcoat does what it is supposed to and you earn your money’s worth.

To protect the pavers on your Long Island property from the elements call us now at 631-855-5272. This is one issue you can scratch off your “to-do” list. We know this arena!