Driveway Seal

If you live or own a business space on Long Island, you are all too familiar with the harsh and sometimes unpredictable climate of the region.

As you know, Long Island has to endure severe winters when roads and the pavement becomes buried in several inches of snow, hot summer months when sun is scorching, and frequent tropical storms that bring in copious amounts of rainfall.

Unknown to you, driveways and parking lots are damaged by these harsh weather elements. Sealing drivewaysprotects them from the elements, keeps them looking good, makes them last longer, and optimizes your infrastructure investment. Hire The Driveway Guys of Long Island so your driveway, parking lot, and other paved surfaces remain sparkling.

The Driveway Guys of Long Island offer comprehensive driveway seal services to our customers. The DrivewayGuys of Long Island are experts in working on cementconcrete, and asphaltdriveways and pavers, and we do a thorough job every time we undertake a sealcoat and paving project.

We take as much time as we need to prepare a driveway for sealing before carrying out the actual sealcoat job. The cracks on a driveway have to be filled in or repaired and the potholes patched before sealcoat can be applied. If not, the cracks widen and deepen over time and weaken the driveway. The oil and grease stains on the drivewayhave to be scrubbed clean before applying a layer of sealcoat. If they are not, the coating layer does not fix firmly to the surface and may chip off or break away when Mother Nature decides to toss some rain your way.

The Driveway Guys of Long Island have been in the driveway sealing business long enough to know how disastrous the results can be if the sealing surface is not prepared properly before actually sealing it. That is why, we first scan the driveway minutely to spot trouble areas, such as cracks, potholes, and greasy stains. We then scrub the stains until they are gone. We use liquid fillers, roll-type filler, asphalt-repair caulk, or foam backer rods to repair cracks; and apply blacktop patch to fill in potholes.

We do not mind repeating this filling process if we have to, such as applying multiple layers of the repairing material, to ensure that the driveway can withstand the forces of nature for a long time. After all, there’s nothing like a strong and stable foundation to support the sealant and keep it firmly in place.

Expert Driveway Sealing Services

The Driveway Guys of Long Island have several experienced and remarkable professionals that make up our team. They know exactly which sealant works best on different driveways. On the other hand, there are different types of sealers for asphalt driveways and so on. The Driveway Guys of Long Island can recommend one for your driveway based on your specific needs as well.

For instance, you may want the pavement to be functional as soon as possible after the sealing job. So, for example, we will use non- acrylic sealers that dries quicker and lasts longer. On other hand, if your driveway is exposed to water and oil spills regularly, then we might recommend an asphalt-emulsion sealer. We love our craft and it shows with every job we do.

Don’t wait for the next heavy spell of rain, the days of the hot summer sun, or a big snowstorm to send us an SOS. Fortify your driveway or parking lot using our solutions, and be assured in the knowledge that you have made a wise investment decision. Call The Driveway Guys of Long Island at 631-855-5272and let’s discuss what you want done.