The climatic conditions in Long Island are extreme since the area experiences extremely cold winters with snow, scorching hot summers, and tropical storms that brings in copious amounts of rainfall. Whether you are a home owner or own commercial property on Long Island, the asphalt parking lots and driveways on your property are likely to be damaged quickly under these weather conditions unless you take steps to protect the surface. TheDriveway Guys of Long Island offer comprehensive asphalt parking lot and driveway protection using a sealcoat.

Complete Protective Solution

Our Long Island asphalt driveway and parking lot protection service begins with an examination of the surface that needs to be protected. We note every oil or grease patch, crack, and pothole before we begin our protective work. The first step we undertake is cleaning the asphalt driveway or parking lot of all oil and grease stains. Our experience shows that this ensures that the sealcoat we finally apply will stick better to the surface after a complete cleaning. Next, we seal all cracks and potholes and ensure that the asphalt surface is smooth and level.

For this we may use liquid fillers, asphalt repair caulk, blacktop patch, and other materials that are formulated specifically for this purpose. We are aware that the sealcoat will be better retained only on a cleaned and prepared surface and we apply fillers and patches a second time if needed to ensure that the surface is ready to receive the sealcoat before applying it.

Expert Recommendations

The Driveway Guys of Long Island have the expertise and knowledge to recommend the best products for your specific needs. Our years of experience in the field of sealing asphalt driveways and parking lots ensure that we have extensive knowledge of the type of sealants available. We recommend an asphalt emulsion sealant on driveways where oil and water spills occur frequently while we also have sealcoats that dry faster if you need to use your driveway as soon as possible.

Long-Term Protection

When you retain our services to seal and protect the asphalt driveway or parking lot of your Long Island property you will be obtaining and securing for yourself long-term protection. This is because we work to first fill in all cracks and potholes preventing the seepage of water that can damage the driveway, especially as it freezes.

Call us at631-855-5272 now to acquire preventive sealing for your asphalt driveway and parking lot. You will not be disappointed!